Thursday, June 14, 2012

Easy Treat baskets and Centerpiece

 Hi All!
 Vicki here and
today I am going to show you how to put together a really cute treat holder.
They are super easy and can be customized for any occasion, birthday, baby or wedding showers or whatever.
Let's get started.

First up you will need:

Two 3 x 9 inch strips of DSP. 
 Bakers twine
 small hole punch
 and your favorite adhesive.

Punch holes in the corner of each strips:

Score the strips of DSP at 3 inches and 6 inches,
Overlap the strips in a cross pattern, secure the centers using your adhesive.

 Tie up corners with the Bakers Twine

Continue all around the box at each corner

All tied up

Fill with lightweight snacks, like chips or popcorn, that won't come out the edges.

Or you can step it up a bit and add some pinwheels to make a fabulous centerpiece:

To make the pinwheels you will need:
3 inch square of DSP
paper piercing tool
1/2 inch or 3/4 inch circle punch 
scrap card stock
kabob skewers or lollipop sticks for handles (cut to 5-1/2 inches)
glue gun to attach handles to pinwheel

Start with a 3 inch square of DSP'

Using a pencil and ruler draw an "X" from corner to corner.
Use your paper piercing tool to put a hole in the center where your lines cross

I use a small circle punched from some scrap card stock in the middle to serve as a guide of where to stop cutting. Adhere the circle to the center of the square with some temporary adhesive

Cut on your pencil lines to the edge of the punched circle piece. You see your cuts make triangle pieces.
Remove the circle card stock piece
You can erase your pencil lines, but they really don't show so it is not necessary, but if you are like me, you will want to erase them. :)

Punch a small hole in only  ONE corner of each  triangle piece. (see pic)

Bring the corners with the punched hole into the center of the square and add your brad through the holes and the center and secure brad to back

Glue handles onto pinwheels using your glue gun.

To put the centerpiece all together, I used a Styrofoam ball secured to the box with a bit of glue. I then added a little bit of paper shreds to hide the Styrofoam and then added the pinwheels pushing them into the Styrofoam at varying heights.

Hope you will give this treat box and centerpiece idea a try, Have fun!!



  1. I'm confused....if the paper is 3x9 (as per the instructions), how can I score the paper at 9 inches? Super cute box & idea!! Maybe I will try the paper size to be 3x12 (?)

    1. Janine, I think that was a typo. Score at 3" and 6" so the box is 3" square.

  2. Super cute box Already can see lots of uses for this. Another idea for the pinwheels, I score corner to corner so there are no pencil marks to erase.

  3. Yes, it is score at 3 inches and 6 inches, gonna fix that right now. Thanks so much!

  4. These are super-cute, Vicki!!! Great job!

  5. So adorable! How cute will these be if I get ambitious and make some to bring to a 4th of July party?!! Thank you so much!

  6. Super cute for summer! thanks for sharing your ideas!

  7. Vicki, these are great ideas! I've always wondered how to make the pinwheels and just never looked it up. Now I don't have too! I love the little containers. Would be nice for teacher appreciation to fill with goodies or birthday party favors too. Thanks so much!

  8. Thanks Vicki for breaking this down into bite-size pcs.

  9. Love the treat holder and I especially love the pinwheel instructions! So much easier to make it by punching a hold in the corners -- you should have watched me try to make pinwheels last week, putting a hole in the centers after bringing the sides in -- I vowed not to make another one any time soon! Now I can again!! Thanks so much!