Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blog Candy Reveal

Good Afternoon Friends!

How did you do with guessing our cards? We did not really change our styles, but some of our styles I guess are similar! :) Here's the reveal in slideshow format, were you right?

Our operators also, did not know who's card was who.. They all took stabs off line.

Here's the spreadsheet I created for them during the week. The person guessing is across the top, and the actual answers are on the right hand side. :) Only two of the operators got my card right (tee hee hee)..
Connie's Lee's Kerin Patti Tiffany Robin Gretchen Actual
1 Patti 1 Selene 1 Patty 1 Patti 1-Patti 1 Patti 1 Selene Patti
2 Gretchen 2 Gretchen 2 Robin 2 Robin 2-Connie 2 Selene 2 Gretchen Gretchen
3 Selene 3 Kerin 3 Selene 3 Connie 3-Robin 3 Me 3 Robin Robin
4 Robin 4 Robin 4 Kerin 4 Kerin 4-Kerin 4 Lee 4 Kerin Kerin
5 Lee 5 Lee 5 Lee 5 Lee 5-Lee 5 Kerin 5 Lee Lee
6 Tiffany 6 Tiffany 6 Tiffany 6 Tiffany 6-me 6 Tiffany 6 Tiffany Tiffany
7 Kerin 7 Connie 7 Gretchen 7 Selene 7-Selene 7 Connie 7 Connie Selene
8 Connie 8 Patti 8 Connie 8 Gretchen 8-Gretchen 8 Gretchen 8 Patti Connie

Now On to the important stuff.. how about some blog candy... Not ONE person, guessed them all correctly... We stumped you!! :) Too fun!

Here are the blog candy winners, chosen by random number generation ( from all entries received. To claim your prize, send an email with your snail mail address and phone number to

14 Jennie Mayer Holiday and kisses Bundle
3 Priscilla Whimsical Words Bundle
22 Urban Ladybug Sidekick Bundle
4 Stacy's card Picture this Bundle
62 Always Playing With Paper Tart and Tangy Card Kit Bundle
36 Melissa Huie Very Thankful Bundle
19 veronica Pinking Heart bundle
23 Kathy White's Peacock Note of thanks Bundle

Congratulations to all the winners!

Rubbah hugs,


  1. Wow! This was fun and I can't believe I won! Thanks for the great game and for the chance to win! Here's to another inspirational year!

    Lesley :)

  2. Oh, how fun! Thanks for the chance to win - can't believe I won. :) Happy blog-iversary!

  3. Whoo-hoo I actually won! Thanks so much and keep sharing all your great inspiration from the sketches and color combos!

  4. Hi Selene,
    I tried emailing my info for the blog candy winner to and it came back as undeliverable. Thanks. Jennie Maier

  5. I was very excited to win as well! I also had problems sending an email to the above address. Thanks!