Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Scrapbooking 101-411 Style!

Here we are in our second month of our weekly features!! I hope you are all enjoying these, getting lots of awesome ideas and learning new things. I know we are excited about doing these and hopefully someone out there is getting something from at least one of our weekly features. I am back this month to offer up some Scrapbooking talk. This month I thought I would touch base with all of you about Getting Organized.

Getting Organized should be a priority on your list as you begin to scrapbook and your scrapbook supplies expand and grow. Save yourself lots of agony by starting early with your scrapbooking organization rather than when the clutter amountss to scary proporations.

Organizing your zillions of supplies is a necessity, not a want. Can you imagine how frustrating it can be when you intend to spend time working on your scrapbooking pages, but spend all your time looking for the supplies you want to use? This is why it is very important to pay some attention to your scrapbooking organization right now so you will not lose time later on.

Here are some steps to making scrabooking organization successful:
  1. Sorting: Spread all your supplies out and start sorting them into categories like papers, embellishments, tools and so on. You can also sort within your categories by sorting your paper into different families of colors. Sort according to what you think will work best for you.

  2. Recycling: Be a little tough and get rid of those supplies that you will not need. Sometimes it is kinda tough for you to look at older supplies and convince yourself that you will use it someday. The thing is, you probably will not need it and it is taking up precious space.

  3. Allocating: Set up a space for your scrapbooking activity. It may be a closet, a corner at your house or if you are lucky enough, a whole room to yourself. Whatever the space, designate it as your scrapbooking area.

  4. Containerizing: After sorting through all your supplies, now it is time to consider where to house them. You will want to store frequently used items close to where you work, and put aside those seldom used items to another part of your room. After finding homes for your supplies don't you feel your sense of satisfaction growing?

  5. Labeling: Print or neatly handwrite labels for your containers, drawers, shelves, ect. With your supplies in their homes and labels pointing out their exact locations to you, searching for your supplies is now a breeze.

  6. Maintaining: Give yourself a pat on your shoulder for completing such an important and big task of scrapbooking organization! Now that you're done, that last thing you want to do is mess it all up again. To avoid this, spend 5-10 minuetes after each scrapbooking session and put back each item to its place. This habit will help you maintain a neat and tidy scrapbooking haven.

Now that we are all organized how about some scrapbooking inspiration? Here is a stepped up version of the layout I showed you last month that you can see HERE. All I did was take the exact layout, change the theme, colors, added some embellishments and now I have a whole different layout.

Here are the measurements:

  • Old Olive is 12" x 12"
  • Basic Black is 8 1/2" x 6 1/2"
  • Pictures are 4" x 3"
  • Wicked Fun DSP is 4"x 3"

Here is what I used on my layout:

  • Wicked Fun DSP
  • Wicked Cool Stamp Set
  • Bitty Bat, Mini Oval, 1/2" Circle & Fancy Label Punches
  • Brights & Neutrals Designer Buttons
  • Natural Hemp Twine
  • Big Shot with the Spider Web Embossing Folder

Until next time!!
Happy Scrapping!!!
Tiffany Bauer


  1. Great organizational advice Tiffany! Now you just need to come visit me and help me do it! :)
    Cute layout too - it's a really versatile one! Love that you are doing this feature now!

  2. Love this layout!!!! I can't wait to take pics this Halloween and then get scrappin'. Thanks for the inspiration Tiffany!!!