Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to Wednesday "Masking"

Hi Everyone,

It’s been so long since I’ve done this technique I thought I’d do a Tutorial on it. It’s called “Masking”. See Tutorial below…..

how to mask 028

You will need a couple of line images, post it note, paper snips and ink.

how to mask 001

Stamp the images on the post it note at the top so you keep some of the sticky part.

how to mask 003

You may want to to a couple of images…..

how to mask 004

Cut the images out just inside the black stamp line. You want it to be a smidgen smaller than the image itself so just inside the black line works really well.

how to mask 005

For this card I used three masks….2 smaller ones and 1 larger one.

how to mask 006

I stamped two flowers with Black Stazon onto White Card Stock. these images will be in the forefront of the bouquet. so select which image you want to be whole.

how to mask 007

I then placed the two masks over the petals of the images to mask it.

how to mask 008

I then took the larger image and stamped over the masks

how to mask 009

I decided I wanted more flowers in my bouquet and added the third mask to stamp a few more images.

how to mask 011

Because the smaller image had a stem on it I just tore a piece of post it note and placed it to protect the area I would be stamping.

how to mask 012

I then stamped the smaller image three times each time moving the scrap piece of post it note to protect the area where the stem would have appeared.

how to mask 013

Remove the masks and here you have the images in front and some of the flowers in back.

how to mask 014

I drew in some stems and leaves with my black marker

how to mask 015

I decided to make this a Bright and Spring like Bouquet. So I used the Watercolor Pencils and began outline the images. I find this works really well for me.

how to mask 016

Use your Blended Pen to distribute the color. I work from the outer edge in, in a circular motion and leave a few areal lighter to add another color.

how to mask 017

Here I’ve bended and added some yellow and orange to give the flowers a more natural look.

how to mask 026

….and here we have it!!! My Spring Flower Bouquet!!! See where I added the green stems and leaves which I drew in? You can also see better the colors I mixed together.

how to mask 028

Thanks for stopping by...hope to see you back soon.



  1. This is did you do the double bow...and with no "tails"?

    Great card and tutorial. {SMILES}

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. I noticed the bow, too, Nikki. I think it's a double bow with the tails wrapped to the back. Gotta try this masking technique. I think mine have always fallen down in the Wow factor because I haven't cut out enough masks, and I like the use of the post-it notes for holding 'em down. Fun!

  3. Great tutorial and a beautiful card!

  4. Absolutely beautiful Lee! Thanks so much for the

  5. Beautiful card, but the double bow, how did you do that?

  6. Very well done, thank you for sharing.