Friday, December 25, 2009

Stampers Showcase and a Christmas message

Good evening everyone.

This post is a bit later than normal. I spent a quiet day with my husband, daughter, and mom. We turned off the tv and turned the radio on. We played a few board games and just spent some time. It was amazing. I haven't had much time to blog surf over the past few days, but I did take a peek at 411 operator, Robin Merriman's blog, that I will share below. She posted a short quote and story on her blog that really spoke to me. No matter what holiday you celebrate, the message is easily translated and beautiful. Wishing you all blessed time with your friends and family near. Merry Christmas to you all.

We know it is a busy time of year, and are so happy to have so many still playing along. Thank you so much for everything! Here are your operator picks of the week.

"The girls tore into their presents with squeals of delight. "Oh, Mom, I love this! Thank you!" said Abby, our oldest daughter.
"Here Mommy, take this out of the package, please!" said Hannah, our youngest.
After everything was unwrapped, we had our special Christmas morning breakfast. And then everyone had some free time before we left to celebrate with other family members.
That's when I felt it; the Christmas Day ache. Have you ever felt it? After weeks of secrets and excitement, decorating and baking, shopping and planning, I felt a tiny spark of wanting. It wasn't about the presents. Instead, the glitter of the season, the high expectations set by advertisers, the music, the parties all combined to leave me with a longing.

I let the longing lead me to worship the Baby in the manger, just like the shepherds did so long ago. In Luke 2:15, after the angels made their stunning appearance and shared the glorious news of the birth, the shepherds said to themselves: "Let's go.....and see." After they found Jesus and worshipped Him, they went into the village and told everyone what they had seen.
And so, like the shepherds, He bids me: Go and see. Go and tell. "

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