Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Sketch Challenge 140

Welcome to another Saturday Sketch challenge from your 411 Operators! This week we're bringing you a fantastic clean and simple sketch. I'm so in love with this sketch because it's so darn simple!

One potential set of measurements could be:

Base: 11 x 4 1/4", scored and folded in half at 5 1/2"
Second layer: 4 1/4" x 3 1/4"
Third (optional) Layer: 4x3"

How about a quick reminder on getting the most from your paper. Starting with the 3rd layer, you'll get the most out of your paper (with no waste, if you cut your 3x4" piece from a piece of 12 x 12. You can get 12 pieces from one 12 x 12.
For the second layer if you take an 8 1/2" x 11 inch piece and cut it at 4 1/2" (down the middle on the short 8 1/2" side). then cut these pieces at 3 1/4", you'll get 6 pieces from one piece of paper. This will certainly go a long way and help you get the most from your paper.

Moving right along...

Now it's your turn. Never played along with us before? Well, it's easy!

  1. Make a card

  2. Post it online somewhere to your blog or other online forum

  3. Post a link to Mr. Linky (Please be sure to link to your post and not just to your blog so we can find your post a few days later). need directions on that? Check out our posts on "how to use mr linky"

  4. Have some fun and leave comments for each other (and for the operators if you like their work). ~ Everyone loves comments!

As a side note:

We've been getting questions (and complaints) about our "marketing free" zone. I've been thinking about this all week and feeling like more explanation might help our readers understand the need for this one policy. There are two reasons that we do not have marketing or "buy from me/sign up with me now" on our blog posts for this blog.

First ~ this blog is visited by many customers of different stamp companies. Several months ago, all the operators signed an agreement, that we wont link to sites that sell a competitor product. Keeping with that agreement, if this is a marketing free zone, it helps us stay true to the contract we signed AND allows people who play with all things creative to post back and share what they love with us and you. If we did allow product competition, we would be out of SU compliance and would need to shut this blog down.

Secondly, and more important, in a world where we all feel like we are being "sold" on a product... It's just nice to feel like we can openly share information and training without all that. It's like we're a bunch of girlfriends sitting around a table. No pressure, we're just friends.

Folks who are interested in purchasing products, will seek out their demonstrator, and that's what we want. If you are inspired by something here, you should call your demonstrator and tell her you want to place an order!

Some have also made assumptions that because the operators have chosen to be 100% SU, that in order to play and be chosen for the showcase you need to use SU products. This is not true.

We encourage you to play with the supplies that inspire you and create something beautiful! If that means it's SU, Great! If not, Great! We love to see everyone's creations every week. We have such a hard time voting on just 5. In fact, most of the operators cant narrow it down to less than 8 or 9 and we just do the math for the showcase.

If you have a topic you would like to see covered here, please let us know! We'd like to share all we know.

Thanks so much for helping us to keep this going.

If you have chosen not to play along because of our non competition policy, I totally understand and respect that. I did want to explain a bit why we have any restrictions at all.
Now, let's see what the operators came up with for this week. :)

With kindness and respect,

Connie Babbert

Lee Conrey

Patti Chesky

Robin Merriman

Gretchen Barron

Tiffany Bauer

Selene Kempton


  1. I love that this is a marketing free zone! It's nice to just come and admire the artwork!

  2. Selene, woo-hoo to you for your stance & everyone standing by their principles! LOVE IT! I also love visiting this blog and seeing the wonderful art that everyone comes up with. Thank you!

  3. Beautiful and inspiring cards! Thanks for the sketch.

  4. Wow~ these are so beautiful cards. Thanks for the great sketch and inspiration as always.

    I really appreciate that you made it clear about your marketing freezone policy. When I first found out your blog I was so happy to see your disclaimer that made me so relieved from sick and tired of feeling of being sold. Please keep up your policy and inspire everyone with the great challenges. Thank you so much.

  5. I love the marketing free zone. Stay true to your purpose! I also love your sketch challenges. It's fun to have a little structure to the card, but still a lot of creative space!

  6. Thanks for the great skech! It is beyond fantastic that you do not limited us to any particular company or supplier. I find it much more inspiring to draw from multiple products and companies as opposed to being restricted to any one particular product. Variety is truly the spice of life! Thank you! Gisèle

  7. Another great sketch - and great cards you all made. I love playing along with the 411 operators and reading your comments.

  8. I truly find your talents amazing and as amazing, your willingness to share your ideas.

  9. Super duper sketch ladies! Thanks for making this a fun place to go to.

  10. Great sketch and wonderful DT Cards.

  11. Refreshing to see following the rules, what a concept. Love your challenges, hope I can squeak by on this one, I kind of tweeked and twisted a bit.

  12. Darn! Thought I had til tomorrow to enter. Oh well, my card is here: tfl